Imagine a mug filled with hot, steaming, deliciously bitter sweet coffee from freshly grounded coffee beans complete with froth on top. Imagine it’s aroma rising from the mug in swirls of steam and filling up the whole room. Imagine the warmth from the mug heating your fingertips. Imagine taking a teeny tiny sip, almost as if you were afraid it would disappear, and tasting that divine flavor. Imagine every single coffee bean that has been grounded singing ‘Hallelujah’ inside your mouth, like it is their destiny. Imagine swallowing that sip of pure ambrosia so slowly that you could trace its path down your throat. Imagine taking another sip and just going ‘Aaahhhh’ and smacking your lips from the pure pleasure of tasting it. Imagine the aftertaste of the coffee still remaining in your mouth long after you have devoured every single sip.

Coffee – the reason we are able to get up every morning.

Coffee – that amazing thing that makes our whole day better.

Coffee – one of the heavenly things on earth.


Coffee – my poison.

What’s yours?



Okay (deep breath). This is it ! !

Hey y’all.

Let me start off with a very friendly advice ( Who am i kidding? I’m not friendly. Muahahaha – that was my evil laugh by the way. ) – This blog is strictly NOT for negative, fault-finding, judgmental and holier- than- thou type of people. So suck it.

You know that moment in life when you take a look around you and you think ‘What in the world is going on?’. And you realize that though the dates in the calendar keeps changing, your life remains stagnant. Yeah, so that happened. So in short I wanted a hobby and I thought ‘Why not blogging?’

Alright! Enough with the philosophical class. Let me introduce myself ( how rude of me! *fake gasps* )

  • I’m a bookaholic ( Yes mom! I have finally accepted it. Are you happy now? ). I can’t breath, eat or sleep without books. That basically means I just can’t survive without them. My family thinks I should be sent to rehab or a de-addiction center for it.
  • I’m a foodie ( Another addiction ). Right from street food to a top class restaurant, my mom’s cooking to my friends mom’s cooking, vegetarian to anything that does not bite me back, and junk food to salads I’m all in.
  • I’m a complete movie buff and I heart music ( Who doesn’t? ). Ask me anything about movies or music and I’ll tell you all about it.
  • I’m very sarcastic. In fact my sarcasm is so advanced that  some people think I’m complimenting them when I actually am not. ( Get a clue people! )
  • I really wish I had a backspace key for my mouth. Anytime I say something nice, either people take it in a wrong way or ….. I don’t even wanna complete that. ( Now you know why I’m always sarcastic *huffs*. )
  • I have butterfingers. I try to carry something that breaks or is boiling hot, it ends up on the floor or all over me. ( Sorry about the vase Granny! *joins hands and kneels down*. )
  • My life is a series of mistakes and embarrassing events that would not normally happen to an average girl of my age. This very fact leads me to believe that the universe just does not like me. ( Dear universe, thank you for all the lessons you have taught me on how to handle damage control. Yours truly, your least favorite person. )
  • I can talk about the most random thing to almost nothing non stop and change my topics before you can ever say ‘Don’t!’. I love talking. Bliss.
  • I despise anything that has too much girl written on it. Sneakers, faded jeans and quoted T-shirts are more my style.
  • I’m a 19 year old very proud South Indian girl who daydreams way too much and has been caught red handed quite a lot of times for it.