There are  times when a person whom you believe to be a stranger greets you by your name and out of courtesy you greet them back politely but the minute they are out of earshot, you turn to your friend and whisper-shout ‘Who the hell was that?!’

There are times when you don’t know half the people who have liked your profile picture in Facebook.

There are times when you stumble upon an attractive girl/guy and go snooping around in their social media profiles.

And there are times when you are at the other end of the stick too.

How does one measure their self-worth ?

Is it by the number of likes one gets on Facebook ? Is it by the number of re-tweets one gets on Twitter ? Is it by the number of people who have viewed one’s story on Snapchat ? Or is it by the number of followers one have on Instagram ?

Is what we portray and what we are the same thing ?

Of course, we may all deny it but that doesn’t make it any less true because at the end of the day we all go back to checking our numbers on our respective social networking sites. (Don’t even try to deny it!)

Confession: Even as I write this I’m hoping that I get a few more followers and a few more likes on this post. (Because we are all hypocrites) 😉

We all want to be remembered. We want to be remembered in the school we studied. We want to be remembered in the college we attended. We even want to be remembered in our own family.

Isn’t that why we all wish to be popular ? So that we may not be forgotten ?

But would you prefer to be just remembered 5-7 years down the line as just a popular name on the lips of your juniors and colleagues or as the person you truly were on the minds of everyone you met ?

Sure it may seem amazing while it lasts but what about later in life ? Don’t make followers, make friends! 🙂

So the next time anyone comes up to you and says ‘Hi’, put down your phones, laptops, iPods, et cetera and strike up a conversation with them. Ask them how they really are, ask them how life has been treating them, ask them what they are up to. (That is how you make amazing friends and who knows ? They may even turn out to be friends for life)

Because each of us have our own story, which is a lot better than the one we put up for the world to see.

So what’s your story ?

Concept image with What is Your Story printed on an old typewriter